How To Deal With Stress

How to Deal With Stress

Stress is part of everyday life.

Just the right level of stress makes you better. It pushes you to growth. Too much and it ruins you through obesity, hypertension, relationship problems, lack of creativity, and lack of energy.

Like most people I have my fair share of it. How to deal with stress? Here is my personal strategy for handling pressure:

Pray About It: Well duh. There is only so much I can do on my own.  Giving it up and letting it go is critical.  Mediation can help some I think but I think it misses the point.

Workout: Endorphins are amazing. I work out every day, no matter what. Most days this is over lunch. There is nothing that kills stress better than a really hard run or weight training session. The more I have going on the more important a workout in. Afterwards I am always more alert, have more energy, more creative, better looking, etc… Bottom line it helps me get more done.

Eat right; I like donuts more than about anybody but they sure don’t help my state of mind. Sticking to slow carbs, protein, and healthy fat really makes a huge difference in stress levels.

Write it all down: When things get really crazy I do a GTD style brain dump followed by Delete, Delay, Delegate, or Do (by priority). Knowing I have it all written down allows for more brain cycles to actually do work.

Eat dinner with my family: This is a near non-negotiable for me. I will get up earlier, work later, whatever, but I almost never sacrifice this time with my family. It gives me perspective. No matter how crazy it is at work it doesn’t matter. I am doing it for my beautiful family. I know not everybody has this luxury but you have to find a way of getting perspective.

Shut if off: No emails after dinner. My phone gets put in another room. If somebody needs me they can call me.

Rest day: I work like a maniac six days a week. Sunday, I read books, drink coffee, and play games with my kids.

How do you deal with stress?